Agreement Obligation

In this agreement, the main and general rules of the client to use the services of CRMForMe Company in the field of execution of customer orders (users) (for doing trade) from now on is called trading in the international Forex market or other markets provided by CRMForMe Company.

  Makes trading possible, will be done and the user will use the economic, financial, and investment advice of CRMForMe Company.

We provide financial software and services to be executable in all kinds of environments. It will be able to provide the necessary infrastructure for Trading. All transactions on all financial instruments provided by the Broker must comply with the rules and regulations of the company and the LPs and international partners with whom the company cooperates. In this case, the client is committed and obliged to comply with all the Standards.

For getting services and buying software, all agreements and documents required by the company must prepare, singe, sent, and approved by the client, and any confirmation from the client (check the acceptance of the conditions on the website, send an email from the customer or any confirmation in the chat) Online or inbox (platform) is a confirmation from the customer. Only communication channels and orders issued by the customer to protect the customer's secrets should only be prepared and announced through these communication channels.

The company is considered empowered to modify the laws or articles of the agreements when it deems it appropriate, and the other party will be obliged to comply with and follow them, and only the burden of modifying contracts and agreements and clauses will be considered as reading. Clients will accept and there is not allowed to make any objection or claim.

The sole duty of the company will be to upload new documents, notices, and contacts on the company website and report them. Simultaneous uploading to the site for the customer constitutes submission and acceptance of all new or amended rules of the agreements.

Conclude an agreement The Parties agree that any of the following acts constitutes the conclusion of this Agreement:

1.       Accept the agreement by completing the registration form on the company's website by performing various registration steps on the company's website or in various departments of the company's official website at:

2.       All the limitations on the software must be submitted by you and in case of future alternatives you must send a message to CRMForMe yourself.

3.       Know that CRMForMe copy-trade is non-limited software, so before submitting any restriction on it, be aware of all the limitation that the broker set, some orders may be won't executed due to brokers' limitation.

4.       It's essential to secure an investor and master password and never not share it with someone else because of damaging and harmful.

5.       The CRMForMe copy-trade is completely systematic and executes orders according to to set, so if there are some changes, please announce them to CRMForMe or do changes before reaching targets.

6.       It is mandatory to watch the video and read the content about using and installing CRMForMe copy-trade software which is prepared in the PDF file for (clients-Traders).

7.       After confirmation and application for the orders, it will be activated until new modifying, please consider the trader from whom you are copying trades:

v  Position Point

v  Position Lot Size

v  Set TP and SL

v  Total volume of opened positions

v  Total Number of opened positions

v  Amount of Slippage

v  Drawdown Protection

v  Draw up Limitations

v  Order Ignore trader's setting or obey trader's setting

v  Active or Inactive Algo Trading


8.       We offer you VIP services for accounts where equity is more than 10.000$.

9. note that brokers and traders play a significant role in your account, so choosing the most appropriate of them is important.

10.   CRMForMe present copy-trading services online, so any damage resulting from non-restriction by customers or choosing an unsuitable broker and inappropriate trader, is the client's responsibility.

11.   Attention to your access period. All the copy-trading processes operate automatically, before finishing your time please extend your period.

12.   It is a trader's responsibility to connect their account to copy-trade software permanently.

It means that all the time they need to keep an internet connection and keep the platform on (MT5 or MT4).

13.    CRMForMe announce that all customers who work as a Client, IB, Super IB, and Broker must operate under internal and private rules. An important notice is, that the customers must be completely aware of their broker's limitations because their limitations will restrict copy-trade settings.

Money laundering

By accepting the above agreement, the customers will be able to use all the services of the company in various fields of work and related projects and departments, and during the time of cooperation and membership, the obligations and actions of the customers in NYX Broker are subject to all money laundering laws of the company and countries. It belongs to the company's business partners and provided that the company or the competent and approved authorities of the company confirm that the membership or actions of customers for illegal use and illegal gain or any action that is considered a form of money laundering, the broker can Terminate and Cut Off customers' access to all financial instruments and any kind of communication, and confiscate all movable or immovable property from the person until the final assignment is determined, and any legal, brand or financial losses incurred by the customer after calculation by the company, it will be received from offender customer.

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